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Slow Food. Fast.

It’s a motto we have around here. And it entails coming in early to prepare all the side dishes used, to braising your beef for hours, and making miso soup the real way. We use and serve only the best produce we can find. Then it is expertly prepared with the skill and reverence of a feudal samurai. Every protein, grain and vegetable we serve meets the toughest standards we could find—ours.

So Fresh. So Green.

That’s another one of our sayings. And it’s based on a really simple idea. Food tastes better when it is raised with care  and doesn’t have to travel all that far. So at Yume Umē, we use an array of veggies picked fresh by farmers, and take a stance against gassed tuna. Now doesn’t that sound good?  Did we mention our menu is gluten free inspired. In fact, there is so many gluten free options, we have to highlight the ones that have gluten.


Dreams Are Edible

What are dreams made of?
At Yume Umē, they're made from whatever you desire. Meaning "Yummy Dream" in Japanese, Yume Umē is where freedom and creativity meet fresh and healthy.

Balloon Hat

From the moment you walk in, you’ll be greeted by a selection of top-quality ingredients, an infusion of Japanese flavors and the unmistakable feeling of absolute hospitality. Pick and choose to create your customized meal creation then watch as our chefs assemble your edible masterpiece in front of you. Quick, easy, sometimes unusual, always delicious, here it’s all about respecting ingredients and individuality.

We also respect the planet. Yume Umē is dedicated to not only providing top quality, but also, doing it in a way that has minimum impact on the environment — from CFL lighting to biodegradable, corn-based cups to local and sustainably ingredients, whenever possible. We don’t green wash our people but we do what we can, when we can.

Fish Tofu

All these elements combine to create a relaxed, casual atmosphere where the food and the vibe are as unique as the people who frequent it.


Net Returns

Gift Card Rewards Card

An Ocean of Possibilities is in your hands when you pick up a Yume Pass from Yume Umē. Able to be used either as a GIFT CARD or as a REWARDS CARD, Yume Passes are available at the restaurant. To use as GIFT CARD simply specify the amount when purchasing.

To use a REWARDS CARD you’ll need to register your card. REWARDS INCLUDE:

Register your card and check your account Chop Sticks

Chop Shop

From our character shirts to our proprietary sauces, you can literally get your Yume Umē on.

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Check out your local Yume Umē for fresh merch.

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We're Always Looking for Raw Talent

At Yume Umē we believe success starts with our people. That means we take care of each other first—even before the customers or the owners and investors. It may seem strange, but happy employees actually serve both the customers and the business best. We don’t want cogs in the wheel, we want to empower people and offer a learning experience that they can take with them no matter which career path they take.

Anchor Treasure Chest

To apply, drop the application off in person at your local store.